Hici Pantry Common Kitchen Moth Trap Pantry Pest Control Nontoxic, Insecticide & Odor Free (1 Traps)

1.EFFECTIVE Against the Indian Pantry Moth,Meal Moth and Other Food Moths.
2.PROTECTS Your Bird Seed, Pet Food, Whole Grains, Flour, Almonds, Raisins and Other Dry Goods.
3.PREVENT AND PROTECT: Prevent infestation or migration from one product to another with this simple solution.
   Preserve your food and keep your kitchen cupboards sanitary and bug free with these pantry moth traps.
4.EASY TO USE: Simply open the foil seal, peel off the protective sheet, then fold and tuck into place. The moth traps last up to 3 months. Check regularly & replace when filled with moths or dirty.
5.SAFETY : This ecofriendly product is free of insecticides, odors, harsh chemicals, and toxins, in addition to being organic.


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