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The Bigger Hat Mosquito Trap uses the most environmentally friendly methods

in the market today and is safe for you and your environment. 


How the Bigger Hat Mosquito Trap

Female biting insects require blood to nourish their eggs. They get that blood from you, 

your family, your pets and your friends.They track you down by sensing the carbon dioxide,

breathing odours (octenol), moisture and heat from our breathing, body odours and colour contrasts.

Finally when the mosquito's are close to you they target warmer area's where they believe the 

blood may be closer to the surface and land and start probing to find a source of blood.

TheBigger Hat Mosquito Trap creates a combination of those cues.

This tricks the insects into thinking the trap is a blood host. Once the pests are attracted to the Bigger Hat Mosquito Trap,

they are sucked into an enclosure by a powerful fan. Once trapped, they quickly dehydrate and die 

The MT 101 is designed specifically for out door usage, and comes with a 12V AC transformer.

What to expect

While the mosquito trap will begin to catch immediately if there is any mosquito activity

in the vicinity, it may take 6-8 weeks of use to reduce local populations to the point that

breeding cycles are interrupted. You may choose to discontinue use of the trap at this

point but subsequent re-infestations will occur after rain. The MT 101 can be used straight

out of the box and will catch and kill mosquito’s, although increased performance will occur

with use of the associated Booster accessories. i.e Rapid Action Attractant, and the


CO2 Booster. It also exterminates midges, and sandflies.

What is in the Box

  • Bigger Hat Mosquito Trap
  • Transformer 110-240V/12Volt 25W, IP64 (water proof)
  • Escape-free collector (Stainless Steel/Plastic)
  • Rapid Action Attractant
  • Hook


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