42 Inch Professional Collapsible Snake Tongs Reptile Catcher Stick Rattlesnake Grabber Pick-up Handling Tool

Collapsible 42 inch / 110 cm Snake Tong Rattlesnake Catcher & Grabber,

It's a convenient tong for any medium to large snake job.
The automatic lock deisgn is the latest technology available on the market for safely handling snakes humanely.
Serrated / Zigzag Jaw reduces snake's ability of forward motion and does not hurt the snake. Gets Maximum holding pressure with minimal risk of damage to the reptiles.
Get maximum holding pressure with minimal risk of damage to the reptile being handled with the broad-jaws snake tongs.
Made from high quality stainless steel with rubber non-slip grip You wont find a stronger, lighter, more durable, or more collapsible snake tong on the market.

Collapsible Design
Automatic lock Design
Wide Serrated Jaw
47-in from Handle to Jaw
Hollow Light Weight Stainless Steel Tube Shaft
Rubber Non-slip Hand-Contoured Pistol Grip Handle

Application to:
- At Midwest
- Go camping
- Have pet reptiles
- Handle various reptiles
- Live by a forest/park/lake
- Herpetoculture Professional
- The people have unwanted snakes or reptiles but don't want to harm them
- Pick-up Tool


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