47-inch Aluminum Alloy Professional Standard Snake Tong Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool

  • [47" Reptile Snake Catcher Repellent] - 47 inch is a professional length for a snake grabber, it’s long enough for safety catching and handling snakes confidently. Ensures you keep a safe distance away to mange it.
  • [Sturdy and Elegant] - Made of aluminum alloy 22mm tube with smooth blue coating that is very sturdy and elegant, the aluminum alloy is the combination of sturdy and light, so it’s easy for one-hand handle.
  • [All-In-One Design With Built-In Gripping Mechanism] Patented built-in Stainless Steel gripping mechanism abandoned the traditional external wire operation makes it work smooth and easy, it’s more durable , elegant and never need extra repair kit.
  • [Ergonomic Handle With Lock Latch] Exclusive Good grip pistol style handle with lock latch make it comfortable to use and easy to storage.

Application to:
- At Midwest
- Go camping
- Have pet reptiles
- Handle various reptiles
- Live by a forest/park/lake
- Herpetoculture Professional
- The people have unwanted snakes or reptiles but don't want to harm them
- Pick-up Tool


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