Bird repellent,Efficient Spiral Bird Deterrent Device Reflect Light to Scare birds Away, Repel Birds,New Bird contral Better than Rods,Spikes,Bird Repeller -Set of 1… (Spiral Bird Deterrent)

1.Flash of light: Most birds are afraid of flash, Birds have a certain degree of color blindness, most afraid of red light and sparkling white light. Light reflection has been proven over time to be one of the most effective methods of bird control.
2.Efficient Spiral: It is easy to rotate in the breeze, the laser reflective material can reflect light much better, and use the sun to scare the birds more effectively.

Why choose us?
1.Keep unwanted birds away,protect your eave, window, roof, ceiling, balcony, porch, garden, deck, pool.
2.Eco-friendly solution, an average of 600 million birds die each year of window strike collisions,our owl scarecrow just scare the birds away,no harm for the birds.
3.Easy to use,you can hang or dismantle them anywhere you want in few minutes  


Product size:9X12.5 inches
Packing:5 sets bird repellent
Packing Weight:0.27lb/120g  

Details and Features 

Effectively combines varying wind-motion with multiple angles of refraction points to confuse unwanted birds.
Perfect for protecting and beautifying your valuable assets and surroundings at the same time.
Minimalist and simplistic design pairs well with any exterior home and garden decor.
Non-toxic and the humane way to scare birds; made from innocuous material.
Easy to hang, take down, and transfer to your next bird-free zone.


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