Hici Quick Easy Set Mole & Gopher Eliminator Trap 2 Pack

1, onstructed of galvanized high carbon steel, this mole trap can stay rust-free throughout years even in humid places like lawn, fields, yard or garden; stainless steel spring ensures instant and flexible performance.
2,  designed for lawn, fields, yard or garden where tunneling moles create havoc and protect organic farms, ranches and nurseries from gopher damage
3, this powerful malleable iron jaws trap can be easily triggered by tunneling pests, no bait required.
4, step-on lever makes device triggering safe and convenient for users, no digging required; safety clip included for secure operation; movable parts are completely below the ground surface, safely hide away from children and pets
5, come fully assembled and designed for use in any soil type, no need for poison or chemical, kill moles & gopher in a humane way.
6,Wide application: Designed for lawn, fields, farms, yard or garden where tunneling moles or gophers create havoc.
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