Spider Catcher, Humane Bug Catcher Bug Grabber Critter Insect Catcher Trap, 29" Foldable Long Arm Reach Handle Pick up Tool, 1 Pack

Color: Black

Bug & Insect Catcher is a professional bug grabber tool to catch and release all types of critters, it helps to protect your home without leaving any mess, or using any harmful chemicals!

Remove bugs in a clean and non-lethal way:
Humane scorpion catcher to catch and remove critters without harm, this spider and insect catcher provide a humane and safe way to clean bugs. No more spraying harmful chemicals in your home and no more swatting and cleaning bug spots off the wall. No electricity is needed, dislike those spider vacuum, insect bug vacuum catcher.

A long reach handle with multi-function:
The humane bug catcher bug trap has a 28.7" long arm (16" after folding) for you to reach any creepy crawlies, it also can be used as a family essential pick-up tool for kitchen shelves, fishing or as a litter picker long arm reaching tool.

How to pick up insects?
1. Stretch the product by pressing the "press" button.
2. Squeeze and release the handle to make the clamp open and close, squeeze the handle again to release pests outside.
3. After using, fold the product by pressing the "press" button again.

Package Contains:
1 x Critter catcher
1 x User manual

Note: This catcher doesn't work on hard shell bugs! if you want to catch them, you can attach a cloth tape on the inside edge of both clamps to increase the friction.

Warranty: Our products are guaranteed for one year. Please feel free to contact us with your Amazon order ID if you need assistance.


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