Big Snap Rat Trap Mouse Trap Rodent Catchers- Easily Kills Rats Mouse 4 Packs

A perfect solution to get rid of rats and other large rodents.

Unique Safety SwitchOne hand holds the kill bar and the other hand places bait on the trigger pedal? We have heard from so many people that their fingers got snap, that's why we decide to a switch to the trap to protect your fingers from accidental injury when setting the trap.

Better than PoisonPoison bat is good to kill rats, but it may cause problems like killing other creatures (owl, cat, etc.), or the rats died in corners of your house, and you may not know until you smell a foul odor, so resolve your problem in a poisonless way seems more sanitary and eco-friendly.

Easy to CleanIf you have used a wooden trap, you know that they always can not catch any more rats after several times of use, one of the reason is the smell left by the trapped rodents is difficult to clean, rats are sensitive to it and will stay away from it. Obviously, the metal one is much more easy to clean completely.


1. Keep the trap out of reach of children, and should be used in places not readily accessible to pets

2. Please read the user manual carefully and follow the indicated procedure when setup the trap.


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