Electric Bug & Flies Zapper - Indoor & Covered Patio Insect Killer 2400V | Fruit Fly, Stink Bug, Ladybug, Moth, Wasp, Gnat and More | Electronic Trap Lamp | 6000sqft Coverage | Safe 20W Light Bulb

Safe & Effective Insect Control All Day and Night

How many endless bug and insect swarms have you had to suffer through during your life – especially when the summer months are in full swing?

Put an end to all the scratching and swatting with an electric bug zapper that plugs into any outlet for wide-ranging, stress-free insect control all day and all season long.

Takes Care of Tons of Insects

No matter what part of the country or what season you find yourself in, this dynamic electric zapper will make quick work of bothersome bugs including:

  • Fruit flies
  • Gnats
  • Wasps
  • Beetles
  • Stink Bugs
  • Ladybugs
  • Mayflies
  • Moths & many more!

No Chemicals, Pesticides or Insecticides Needed

There’s no easier and more environmentally-friendly way to control your pest population than with a pluggable electronic zapper.

Hassle-Free Clean Up

Forget swatting, scraping and sweeping up after countless invading insects. Our zapper comes with an easily removable tray to catch and quickly dispose of each zapped bug.

Slim Aesthetic Design

Our zapper is engineered up to 0.5” thinner than others on Amazon, giving you a sleek and low-profile appearance in the house and wherever aesthetics matters.

Safely Hang on Wall or Hook

A detachable chain makes for safe, easy mounting to walls or hanging from hooks in your inside rooms or outside space.

Easy Swap 20W Light Bulbs with 2400V Grid




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