Hici Wall Sconce Fly Light Trap HC5107

Product description

Time to Replace Your Bug Zapper
Yes, bug zapper is good for killing flying insects, but it also makes annoying zapping sound, and some people are really uncomfortable with it. What's more, the zapping high voltage may bounce the dead insects far away from the zapper. It can suddenly drop in front of someone, or even worse - drops right into someone's food, and you definitely do not want to see it happen if you are running a restaurant. That's why we highly recommend replacing your fly zapper with fly light trap, especially sensitive areas like restaurants, stores, supermarkets, offices, etc.

A Everybody's Happy Solution
No annoying sparks or zapping noise.

Upgraded Inner Coating
The unique inner reflective coating improve the UV light intensity up to triple times to keep the trap working stably even in daytime.


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