Fly Barrel Fly Trap Non Toxic re-usable or Disposable Outdoor Fly Catcher

For Big Fly Problems — If you have a big fly problem, you need the RESCUE POP! Fly Trap. With capacity to catch and kill up to 40,000 flies, your fly problem will be a thing of the past.
Fast Results — Fly Trap uses a water-soluble attractant that lures flies. Once inside, they drown in the water in the trap.
Reusable — Reduce plastic waste by reusing this trap for multiple seasons. Simply dump the contents when full, rinse, and replace the used attractant with a refill packet to reuse this trap again and again!
For Outdoor Use Only — Flies find the scent our water-soluble powdered attractant irresistible. You, on the other hand, will not—this is an outdoor-only fly trap!


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