Fly Trap Outdoor Hanging Fly Catcher. Disposable Outdoor Fly Bags with Fly Bait Repellent and Blue Fly Attractant Lure. Fly Trapper Helps Control Horse Flies in Barns or Ranch 1 pack

EASY TO USE: Our outdoor fly traps are easy to set up. Simply twist open the top of the trap, fill the bag with water and hang. Once you are ready to dispose simply twist the top close and throw away in the trash.
ATTRACT FLIES IN 2 WAYS - SIGHT & SMELL: Our fly bags attract flies using both color and smell. It scientifically proven that flies are attracted to the color blue which is why we chose that colour for our bags. Our bait ingredients also attracts flies by scent once the enzymes are activated. This 2 pronged approach ensures our traps serve as fly magnets!
We also include ties to make it easy to hang around branches or fences. Catch 100's of flies within a few days!
FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY:These traps are best used for outdoor spaces or in a well vented area including yards, chicken coops, horse stables, barns, ranches or a farm. Keep traps at least 20 feet away from living areas.


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