52-inch Aluminum Alloy Professional Standard Snake Tong Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool

  •  VALUEABLE - There are many cheaper snake tongs in the market but you choose the cheaper one now, means you choose the trouble in the fututre. We use the most advanced ALL-IN-ONE design with Patented Built-In Spring Mechanism makes it more sturdy, elegant and safe than the cheap snake tongs that with external steel wire gripping mechanism. Also the cheap one is so awkward to use and easy to break!
  • QUALITY: We know the importance of the lighweight and sturdy to the sanke tongs, that’s why we abandoned the cheap stainless steel material and chose the more expensive aluminum alloy material. Stainless steel snake tong on the market, absolutely is more cheaper than ours, but it aslo more heavy and weak than ours. Our snake tongs costs more but is guaranteed to last!
  • GUARANTEED - Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We offer a LIFETIME warranty on this snake tongs. If the product has any quality problem, please contact us as soon as possible and we will respond in 24 hours 
  • Application to:
    - At Midwest
    - Go camping
    - Have pet reptiles
    - Handle various reptiles
    - Live by a forest/park/lake
    - Herpetoculture Professional
    - The people have unwanted snakes or reptiles but don't want to harm them
    - Pick-up Tool


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