Glue Traps for Mice,Mouse Glue Traps,Rat Glue Traps,Sticky Mouse Glue Traps (2Pack)

Mouse Glue Traps Sticky Boards


Material: manufactured with super sticky glue

Size: 8.2 x 6.7inch

Package include :6* Mouse glue Board


1. Easy to use:

Flexible design for use in tight spaces, just place it where mice are observed frequently.

2. Strong adhesive:

Manufactured with special glue, strong and evenly distributed.

3. Peanut flavor:

Mice glue traps with peanut fragrance, It's easier to attract mice into the trap.

4. How to use:

1. Open the glue trap carefully from the seal, place it where rats are observed.

2. Once the mouse is trapped, dispose of it.

3. Put more traps if the place is rat-infested. Fix it on the floor if necessary

4. For better effect, use it with bait


1.Keep out of reach of children& pets.

2.In case of mouse drags the glue snare pollute floor or wall, you can glued it to the ground or put a larger paper under it.

3.Dispose the trap pad after each use.

4. If the glue rat board is a little wet, you can pour out the water, and dry in the shade, and shall not affect the use.

5.If glue is stuck to hands or other object, apply vegetable oil, turpentine or petroleum products& wash with soap& water.

Haierc rat glue boards will give you the best service. Experience effective pest control without the exorbitant price tag.



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