Haierc Photography Steel Wool Campfire Photography Props Steel Wool Fireworks Party Long-Exposure Set

HOW TO DO:</b></p><p> Step 1: Fill the Whisk with Some Steel Wool.(to get more Sparks when Burning, you can Puff the Steel Wool up a Little)</p><p> Step 2: Attach a Flexible Wire to the Whisk which Enables you to Spin the Whisk in the Air.</p><p> Step 3: Find a Proper Place. Any Place won't be set on Fire would be Fine.Because the Sparks will Bounce of any Surface they Encounter.</p><p> Step 4: Set up your Camera. You can use bulb setting on your camera. Don't Forget to Bring a Tripod and Wireless Shutter Release with you.</p><p> Step 5: Ignite the Steel Wool and Spin the whisk! Once everything is ready, Ignite the Steel Wool with a Lighter. Just a little bit is Enough and the Steel Wool will Start to Smolder. The Whole Steel Sool will Catch on Fire when being Spined the Whisk and have fun.</p><p> <b>TIPS:</b></p><p> Appropriate setting is 13 seconds exposed, ISO 1600, F8.</p><p> Whisk is not necessary, and you can gain different result with different tools. So you can try to use bicycle wheels, small cages, etc</p>


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