Gutter Brush Leaf Guard Catches Leaves & Prevents Clogging - Clear Downspouts & Drains - 5 inch

Product Description

Fed up of checking your gutters, calling in the professionals, or clearing them in the rain? Install the Gutter Guard once and keep your gutters clear for years. Designed to fit most standard 5in gutters, the Gutter Leaf Guard Brush lasts years outdoors and is easy to install.

The easy way to keep gutters clear

The Gutter Leaf Guard Brush reduces maintenance and the risk of damage from overflowing gutters. Specially treated, the Gutter Leaf Guard can withstand weather from -15F to 140F. It is also mold and bacteria resistant and not flammable. The segments are easily connected with a hook and loop system. The flexible galvanized steel core lets you bed the brush to fit around corners in your guttering so you can install a continuous chain of protection around your house, conservatory, shed or garage.

How does the gutter guard work?

The Gutter Guard Brush is a round brush made of UV stabilized polypropylene. The bristles prevent leaves, pine needles, twigs, moss and other debris from settling in the gutter while allowing water to flow freely to the downspouts. They can also stop birds nesting in the guttering and prevent water overflow and ice build up, including ice dams and icicles in the winter.  Prevent icicles, overflow and water damage in one easy move. 




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