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Bug Zapper Electric Pest Control Traps for Kitchen Home Indoor Outdoor

Ensures you can sit back and relax without having to worry about your kids or pets health.No more buzzing interruptions, no more slapping mosquitoes, no more hunting for fly swatters.

Innovative Design Traps, Zaps & Collects Small & Large Insects Within Clog-Proof Grid | Simply Take Out Removable Tray to Empty, or Leave Out for Use Over Natural Setting.

Our trap works in 3 steps: The UV light attracts the bugs, the fan captures the bug, and you can add no-escape sticky glue board traps the bug. Avoids the continuing expense and inconvenience of chemical insecticides.

About the product:

The photocatalytic inhalation flying insect killer is a mosquito trap device using light, and wind technology. With a small amount of carbon dioxide. And water, and then touch coal with light, equivalent to human respiration; light touch coal can also purify the air. The biggest feature is:

- Bloodsucking can be kept in the same space

- It effectively interrupts the mosquito population in the larger area and the surrounding area

- Colonization to kill mosquitoes in groups

1. Surrounding type light wave catalytic purple light
2. The strong suction power of the whirlpool airflow can kill mosquitoes more effectively
3. Anti-escape mosquito storage
4. Built-in IMITATE system to simulate body temperature to attract mosquitoes
5. Comfortable and quiet operation (low decibel silent operation, less than 25dB)

Steps to use:
1. Turn on the fly lamp killer in advance (at least 3 hours)
2. Better to use in an unmanned environment
3. Check the mosquito storage box at least 24 hours, the mosquitoes die by dehydration and air drying, and they will escape when they are opened frequently


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