HICI Bird Repellent,Window Alert Bird Decals,Bird Repellent Devices,4 Pack with 10 Different Birds

Window Alert Bird Stickers Anti Colision Bird Stickers Shade Scarer Countless birds die every year from banging into windows and glass door. Although birds have extraordinary vision, but it is difficult to find the existence of glass. On the contrary, they see the glass on the sky and the reflection of the plant, where it will be mistaken for a safe place or the front is still the sky, especially when frightened or threatened, so they crash into the windows and then they hurt , dizzy even lose life. There may be a lot of ways to prevent birds from hitting the windows, but this is an inexpensive and effective way to reduce the chance of a bird accident.The silhouettes are a good design to cut down the bird accidents. The Lifelike stickers are helpful in reducing the number of birds hitting the window, which not only protect your feather friends, but also your windows. It's made of PVC that is a advanced material.


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