PCO Solar Mole Repellant,Solar Products,Mole repeller solar powered,Solar Mole Expeller -2 Pack

Working Process
The sun energy is transferred over the solar cells into electrical energy that is then saved in the integrated NI-MH accumulator. The solar pest repeller sends out sound waves of 400-1000 Hz every 35 seconds in all directions, covering approx 850m² together with motor vibration.
These sound waves and vibration are so penetrating for pest that they are warned and leave this area. In heavily frequented areas you should use two appliances(at approx.15 intervals).
This device is only for outdoor use.
Loading of the accumulator
Before using this device you have to place the device for several days in direct sunlight for the accumulator to fully load. Ensure that the solar cells are in direct sunlight for most of the day. Please take into account the different directions of the sunlight from moring and evening(also works when cloudy).
To prevent damage to the unit remove the unit in extreme weather conditions(ice,snow,hail and flooding).Even though the device is waterproof it should not be placed near a sprinkling system.
Do not suggest to use it under bad weather, like rainstorm,long time rainy season as it is electronic products.
This is not toy, please keep far away from children.
Installation procedures
Attach the two connectors and secure head to metal spike.Insert the spike into the earth. About a third of the complete length of the spike should be placed in the earth. When placed in hard earth. You should first make a hole with a suitable tool or piece of wood and then place the unit in the hole. Do not use a hammer.


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