Hici Eco-friendly Non-toxic Wasp Trap, Plastic Bee Cather - Trap Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets and More

Direction of use:
1.Unscrew the trap lid.
2.Pour fruit juice, cordial or soft drink into the trap - ensure that liquid does not go above the level of the lowest holes.
3.Screw the trap lid back on.
4.Position the trap 1.2 meters above the ground for the most effective use.
5.Leave the trap until no more liquid remains.
6.Empty trap and clean thoroughly with warm soapy water before reuse.

Product Features:
- Special design with multiple entry tunnels 
- Lure yellow jackets and wasps inside with an irresistible mixture of water and sugar 
- Traps the pests and doesn't let them out 
- Highly effective and reusable 
- Comes with an 18″ nylon cord for hanging 

Additional Information:
The insect enters the trap through the holes on the bottom section, then flies up through the interior cone into the clear yellow catch chamber. Once inside the trap, they cannot fly out. 

We recommend the trap be placed at least 20-feet away from an outdoor activity area, such as a patio or deck to keep your backyard activities sting free. 




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