Snap Traps (4 Pack) - Metal Rat Trap, Classic Strong Humane Traps for Rats, large mice, Chipmunks, squirrels and other larger rodents. Effective Animals Trap Catcher That Works !! (Rats snap trap)

Style: Rats snap trap

If you read these lines it means you have problems with mice, rats or other rodents that make your life uncomfortable. Buy this rats trap.
It will provide you with a fast humane way to capture the annoying animals. Quickly, Take This Perfect Trap And Back To Normal Life.

Why to choose specifically this Excellent Rats Trap ?

2) Amazing trap that works perfectly.
3) Strong strudy metal can handle any kind of rodent.
4) Anyone can do it, just put a bait like piece of cheese, chocolate or peanut butter easily load the spring and you won't believe how quickly it does the work.
5) 100% Reliable Trap, the rodent has no chance to escape...
6) Humanely kill the little critter very fast.
Now just easily clean it and reuse it.. What a relief.

Best Used For:
Mice Rats Chipmunks hamsters shrews and similar size nuisance animals..

Is it easy to use ?

This Rats Trap is very easy to use, Just 3 actions by you and it is set to trap (see instructions on the trap box).
Featured spring-loaded and sensitive trigger ensure absolute capture.

1. Keep the trap out of reach of children, and should be used in places not readily accessible to pets.
2. Be careful your fingers when you set the traps.
3. After setting the trap, never touch it with your hand.If you want to release the trap, please use a stick.
Please don't hurt yoursef


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