Hici Cockroach Trap - Roach Pest Control Traps Reusable Safe Pest Bug Killer Catcher

Cockroach exists is a high-performing product targeting all prevailing pest species of cockroaches.
Bait with peanut butter, fish oil, gel or insect bait of your choice.
Simple to use, no electricity or batteries required.
Cockroaches like in the garden, basement, warehouse, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room and other places infested,Proposed purchase 3-5 for the best,Every 100 square inches suggest placing a cockroach trap,Placed in every corner,
Then wait patiently,You will be able to receive satisfactory results.

Usage Advice:
Suggestion to clean up the roaches haunt foraging place so that we can improve the effect of trapping.
If you caught 1,2 cockroaches, not rush to deal with,Captured cockroaches will attract more companions come foraging,Increased trapping effect.
In the process of cockroach trap and disposal,Please don't separate cover up and down,Prevent cockroach escape.
If the cockroach trap placed in the same place for a long time results are poor, consider replacing a different location or bait to try.
A bait cockroach trap inside reduction, please change, add
Periodically clean cockroach trap, trap inside to ensure no smell pesticides and other drugs, so as not to affect the trapping effect.
Every 100 square inches suggest placing a cockroach trap.

- It may need to cost 1-7 days for the trap work.
- This trap does depend on the sweet and delicious bait to attract the cockroaches into the traps, for example sugar water, cheese, butter, bread or the other food full of sugar and oil.
- If there is no cockroach getting in the traps for a few days, please replace another bait which is the food cockroaches like most.
- please note that do not put the onions besides the traps because roaches hate them and the traps may could not work.


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