Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, Outdoor Animal Repellent Waterproof Pest Repeller Motion Sensor Sonic Alarm Farm Garden Yard Animal Deterrent Against Dogs Foxes Birds Skunks Rodent Mouse (Blue)

Are you suffering animals, birds, pests invading your garden? Our pest repellent is the industry's most advanced outdoor anti-pest product. It adopts the most popular ultrasonic and sonic technology to drive cats, dogs, squirrels, birds, deer, raccoon, rabbits, fox, mouse, rat and so on far away to your garden. Our animal repellent is safe, eco-friendly. It is no harm to human, pets, or even the animal you are trying to repel.

Adjustable Ultrasonic Frequency:
Simply adjust the frequency to choose what kind of pest/animal you want to repel. Adjust the frequency slightly every few weeks to avoid allowing the pest to adapt to the sound.

Adjustable Sonic Volume:
At full volume, the sound can be heard up to 300 feet(91 meters). If the sound bothers you or your neighbors, just turn it down.

Ultrasonic Effective Range:
170 Degrees Horizontal and 60 Degrees Vertical.

4 Types Sonic Alarm

Ultrasonic Frequency: 16KHz - 25KHz

Three Ways to Activate Ultrasonic and Sonic:
1.Infrared Motion Sensor: Infrared Motion Sensor detects warm body from 45 feet away and activate both the ultrasonic and sonic. You can adjust the sensitivity distance.

2.Constant: Deactivate Motion sensor. Pest/animal repellent will be always working.

3.Continuous Sweep: Sonic and ultrasonic frequencies will be activated randomly at intervals.

Three Working Time Modes:
Set the pest repeller working time:Day, Night, 24 hours according to the activity habit of the pest or animal you want to repel.

Package List:
1 X Pest Animal Repellent
1 X AC Adapter
1 X English User Manual


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