Mesh Net Full Day Slow Horse Feeder - Hold Flakes of Hay and Feed Horse All Day

  • Product Dimensions:   A:    35x31" (90x80cm)  
  •                                       B:   35x47" (90x120cm)
  •                                       C:   39x63" (100x160cm)
  • FREE FROM MEAL ROUTINES – nets are a way for you to be free from meal time routines, helping you and your horse live a happier and healthier life by reducing the anxiety and behavioral issues around meal times
  • FEEDS MINI HORSE OR FOR TRAILOR USE – provides a horse with high fiber, low calorie forage throughout two entire days as well as enables you to monitor a horse's forage consumption.
  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY AND EASY TO USE – Top of the line nylon netting can hold up to 13 lb. of hay. All feeders comes with 2 break-away carabiners for hanging or tie downs.
  • 3Kind MESH NET OPENING SIZES FOR EVERY HORSE TO HAVE OPTIMAL FEEDING –nets come in 3 opening sizes - 1" for slow feeding, 1.5" for average feeding/transitioning to a feeding net, and 2″ for aggressive eaters and larger horses.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE – All Freedom Feeder products undergo a rigorous quality inspection to ensure maximum quality and durability. From tear tests to heat exposure, we examine all degrees of durability and backup this testing.


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