HICI Mosquito Trap Mosquito Moth Flies Fling Insect Killer with Includes (10-Adhesive Glue-Boards)

1.The UV light attracts mosquitoes and they are pulled into the device by the strong glue board located inside it. Glue Board With Uv Attraction Light With USB Charge Extra
2.Natural pest control deviceindoor space.
3.Hygiene&Safe: The trap is extremely hygiene and safe.
4.Easy to use&Easy to clean: Simply plug in the trap, insert a glue board and the device is ready for catching. To clean simply remove the used glue board and replace a new one. We have put 10 Adhesive Glue-Boards for replacement.
5.Using in completely darkness for best results. Other light sources will interfere with the normal operation of the device.

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