Outdoor Electronic Pest Repellent for Bird & Wild Animals by Ultrasonic 1000 Ft

The Product utilizes Sonic Harassment & Animal Predator Sound, disorienting intense flashing Strobe Light, and modified Ultrasonic Sound Waves to deter unwanted pests.

It also offers new technologies never seen before in the pest industry, such as the Intelligent Power System (IPSTM) designed to save energy for DC Battery and provides longer usage.
IPS also offers an uninterrupted power system that guarantees the products activation for a short time even if the AC fails. And also boasts multiple power sources options including AC, 9V -DC battery power sources.
Other unique technologies such as the Operation Time Selection, which saves energy by choosing the product's time of operation between "All Day", "Day" & "Night", and the Ultrasonic Emitting Selection that allows you to select between Motion Sensor / Constant / Continue Sweep. it is our hottest product, Which have 3 pest repelling technologies, and a 4 button remote control.
It encompasses every conventional and innovative pest-repelling technique while staying completely affordable. Camp Sites, Airports, Restaurants, Grass Fields, and thousands of satisfied home owners are already enjoying a pest-free environment.


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