Houseplant insect trap, Dual-sided Yellow Sticky Traps for fungus gnats, white flies, aphids (4 pack, 20 traps)

Efficient indoor plant pest traps, use the phototaxis of some insects to stick and kill insects, breaking their breeding cycle. Double-sided special shellac, can be used repeatedly, non-toxic, they are a good substitute for pesticides.

Package include:
Traps: Butterfly-shaped sticky traps (5.5×3.3 inch) 20 pieces, the traps coated both sides with adhesive.
Wire tie: 20 pcs
Freebies: Blue sticky traps (9.8×5.8 inch) 2 pieces, Yellow sticky traps (9.8×5.8 inch) 2 pieces, wire tie: 4 pcs

Why Yellow Color Board?
Most of the pests have phototaxis and sensitive to yellow, such as aphids, leaf miner, fungus gnats, thrips, white flies, midges and so on. Scientists have proved that the special yellow sticky insect trap has a good effect on pest control.

How to use?
•Remove the covered release paper and take out the flower glue trap.
•Separate the glue trap slowly, please be care of the glue and don’t touch the glue surface by hands.
•Insert the flower glue trap bottom into the soil of the flower or hang the traps with strip.

How many traps do you need?
Use one or two butterfly-shaped Yellow Sticky traps for each pot.

Kindly note
•Keep out of reach of small children and pets. If gets the glue on your skin, rub gently with vegetable oil, then wash with soap and water.
•This product is for trapping flying plant insect only, good for houseplant, but not applicable for other home pest in house, kitchen, garage like mosquitos and bugs.
•Maximum storage temperature 122℉(50℃)


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